Why JK Dobbins Twitter Goes Viral – JK Dobbins Injury Video

Why JK Dobbins Twitter Goes Viral – NFL groups are taking care of Week 3 of the preseason in an unexpected way. Some are playing their starters while others are not in any event, dressing their best players. The Baltimore Ravens played a few of their starters in their last preseason matchup against the Washington Football Team, and star running back J.K. Dobbins experienced a left knee injury on Baltimore’s first drive of the evening.

Dobbins got a short pass and afterward was met by two distinct Washington safeguards, who hit him low. The running back stayed on the ground for quite a while, and afterward was offed the field with two coaches. While heading to the blue clinical tent, Dobbins didn’t put a lot of weight to his left side leg. In the wake of leaving the tent, he was trucked to the storage space while Baltimore formally precluded him for the rest of the game.

The second-balance pick of Ohio State dazzled in his newbie season, as he scrambled for 805 yards and nine scores in 15 games played with only one authority start. He’s set up to be Baltimore’s No. 1 running back pushing ahead, notwithstanding, yet the Ravens will pause their breathing as they attempt to decide the degree of his physical issue. After Baltimore’s predominant 37-3 triumph, lead trainer John Harbaugh said that Dobbins will get tried tomorrow to discover precisely the thing they’re managing.

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