Top 10 Strangest And Amazing Crimes Involving Animals

Have you ever listen about the involvement of the animals in any crime without having their any fault? Animals can be used in any crime as being the weapon and even as the threat too. In simple we can call them as the object of the crime as well. Here we will be highlighting with the list of the 10 strangest and amazing crimes involving the animals.

Top 10 Strangest And Amazing Crimes Involving Animals

10. The Mafia Menagerie:

Mafia groups in the place of Itlay habe raised their threat among the people with the use of exotic animals. One of the mafioso kept a crocodile on his terrace and fed it live rabbits in full view of his neighbors. The crocdile was about 2 meters (6 ft) long and weighed about 40 kilograms (90 lb). In the same way one of the mafia thugs smashed the back window of a 58-year-old businessman’s car and afterwards dropped a 3-meter (10 ft) boa constrictor inside.

9. The Pet Parrot And Indian Police:

In the next we have Pet parrot as a person named as Suresh Sakharkar of India allegedly spent two years of his life just for training his pet parrot, Hariyal for the purpose to insult and swear at his stepmother. The parrot used to offend the women every single time she passes by. But after the police complain the parrot didnt even spoke one word from the mouth at the police station that shows that how much the parrot was loyal for his master. In the same way Indian parrot actually assisted police in a murder investigation with no leads as he witnessed the whole murder.

8. The Poison Frog:

In the next we have the poison frog! This animal poison could cause a human heart attack without leaving any trace of the substance in a person’s system. This animal is used so many times in the murder cases where the criminal can roam about in the streets without an fear of being caught.

7. Revenge By Rattle Snake:

This animal is maximum used at the time when any murder case as to be given the face of being a suicide. Once two Colorado men plan up the murder to construct a wooden box that housed deadly rattlesnakes and then trap Sowash’s feet and lower legs inside. That was merely source of the threat for the people but no one knows the fact that one single bite of the snake can lead the person to die in just few seconds.

6. The Heretical Rooster Of Basel:

It has been taken up to be the common practice in medieval times to try animals in court for their “crimes.” In such hearings the animal was presented in front of the judge. The idea for animal prosecution and punishment was supposedly based on scripture found in Exodus 21.

5. Gorgeous Camel Rustling:

In the year 2010 sources stated that thieves attached ropes to five valuable camels on a Saudi Arabian farm and then pulled the bewildered beasts through the gates into a getaway vehicle. These camels were found to be particularly valuable because they had previously won beauty contests.

4. Siberian Hooliganism:

Most of the Ethnic minorities in the Siberia ever aware from the fact that they would never be able to return to their traditional. They were independent but at the same time they were neglected by the state. In this way the alcoholism and crime rates rose with the loss of economic stability.

3. Fish And Slavery:

Some of the people are not aware from he fact that illegal form of the fishing makes millions for the sake of transnational gangs of organized criminals each year. Most of the times it happen that they make great sum of money from trading illegally harvested seafood than from trading illegal drugs.

2. Evil-Weevil:

This has been known out to be another ridiculous case of animals being tried in a medieval court as where the weevils in a French provincial town were accused of ruining a vineyard in 1545. The town’s priest came up with the claim that the weevils had been sent by God to punish the vineyard owners just for the sake for not paying their tithes promptly. The trial was postponed as the vineyard owners repented, and the priest attempted to exorcise the pests by saying three special masses.

1. Lord Lucan And The Dangerously Eccentric Zookeeper:

At the last we have the name of the Lord Lucan And The Dangerously Eccentric Zookeeper! Every single person must have listen about theLord Lucan disappearance mystery. But Lucan was found to be all guilty in absentia of murdering his daughter’s nanny in 1975.

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