Top 10 Amazing And Largest Birds In The World

Do you know which one is the Largest bird in the world? Do you want to know that which is the heaviest bird in the world still living? You might have capture small size of birds in your eyes but far away in the forests there are some birds who are unpredictably large in sizes. They are not just large but even dangerous too tease as well. No doubt that birds are adorable looking but if they are tease for no reason they can surely come across as risky for any person life. Here we will going to talk about the most wanted and yet top 10 amazingly largest birds in the world:

Top 10 Amazing And Largest Birds In The World

10. King Penguin:

This bird has the maximum mass of about 20 kg and its total length is about 92cm. It can grow up to 1 meter tall. King penguin most of the time eats krill, small fish, squid and even other small sea animals. The hard climate and temperature of the extreme south forced king penguin make them quite alot social. They have the best ability as they can regularly dive in the sea to a depth of 100 meter, and highest recorded king penguin dive was 300 meters.

9. Great Bustard:

It is weighted 21 kg. An average male bustard is about a meter tall and has a wingspan of 2.4 meters. They can live up to 10 years in the wild. In controlled environment great bustard is known to live up to 15 years.

8. Lesser Rhea:

They are also known by the name of Darwin’s rhea as they are known out to be a flightless bird that is mainly found in southern part of South America. Plus they can be up to 1 meter high and 28 kg in weight. Lesser rhea has a small head and a relatively big body and neck. They have the excellent speed as they can run at a speed of 60km/hr just as providing it an edge over predators.

7. Dwarf Cassowary:

This bird is primarily found in mountain forests of New Guinea, New Britain, and Yapen Island. You can define it as the solitary bird and pairs with male in the breeding season. They usually feed up as mainly insects, small animals and fallen fruits. They are flightless as they can run up to a speed of 48 km/h.

6. Greater Rhea:

They are up to 1.3 meters tall and as heavy as 40 kg. Average greater rhea lives about 10 years in the wild. It is said to be the largest bird in South America and 6th Largest bird in the world.

5. Emperor Penguin:

It weights about 31 kg and it can grow up to 1.1 meter. It is usually covered by white waterproof feather. Plus it is to be mentioned that the neck portion of both male and female emperor has whitish bright yellow feather. Emperor Penguin lives around 20 years in the wild.

4. Emu:

This is the national bird of Australia. Emus can reach up to a height of 2 m that hence makes them second tallest amongst the birds. Emus have three sub-species. They most of the time eats fruit, seed, insects, some dead creatures like rodent, bird, insects etc.

3. Northern Cassowary:

It is known out to a flightless bird with black plumage. Female is slightly larger than the male as by far weighing an average of 44 kg. It is found in the islands of Yapen, Batanta and Salawati.

2. Southern Cassowary:

This bird is at the second spot as it is even known by the name of double-wattled cassowary. They are unable to fly like Ostrich. It is much found in the tropical rainforests of Indonesia, New Guinea, and islands of northern Australia.

1. Ostrich:

Ostrich is the largest living bird on Earth. They have the ability to run at high-speed with their strong long legs. Ostriches lay the biggest/heaviest eggs that is weighing about 1.4 kg. Ostriches are mainly found in Africa.
So these have been the top 10 most amazing looking and yet the largest birds in the world! Which one of these birds do you think have the largest and most dangerous looking appearance?

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