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lt Col Stuart Scheller Video – A US Marine Corps lieutenant colonel who posted a video requesting responsibility from military pioneers over the departure of Afghanistan has been mitigated of his obligations and will leave US administration, the Marines and the official included said on Friday.

Stuart Scheller presented his video on Facebook and LinkedIn on Thursday, the day 13 US administration individuals, 11 of them Marines, and supposedly upwards of 170 Afghans, were killed in a self destruction bomb assault at the air terminal in Kabul.

Scheller condemned the commandant of the Marine Corps, David Berger, for a note shipped off Marines about how they may feel about the almost 20-year US presence in Afghanistan.

Lt. Col. Stuart Scheller became famous online Thursday after he posted a four-minute, 45-second video to Facebook in which he showed up in uniform and tore into military initiative after the staggering self destruction bombarding at Kabul air terminal, which killed 13 US administration individuals and somewhere around 169 Afghans.

The video, an uncommon public articulation of discontent from an enrolled official, took off in military circles via web-based media. It had been shared on Facebook in excess of multiple times as of Friday night.

In his video on Thursday, Scheller said he by and by knew one of the assistance individuals who kicked the bucket in Thursday’s assault.

LtCol Stuart P. Scheller moved on from the University of Cincinnati with an unhitched males in bookkeeping. He started Officer Candidate School in January 2005. Subsequent to finishing Officer Candidate School, The Basic School, and Infantry Officer Course, he looked into first Battalion, eighth Marines in December 2005.

Subsequent to looking into first Battalion, eighth Marines, and expecting the obligation of detachment officer, LtCol Scheller directed an organization on the 24th Marine Expeditionary Unit. He took part in the Non-Combatant Evacuation of American residents out of Beirut during the 2006 Israeli/Lebanese clash. Then, at that point the next year, he was doled out the job of Alpha Company Executive Officer and sent to Ramadi, Iraq. Of note, during that time the infantry organizations moved to a four infantry detachment build, so LtCol Scheller, notwithstanding his Company Executive Officer obligations, was additionally the Fire Support pioneer, and furthermore served in this limit during a Mojave Viper and the Ramadi sending.

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