Nick Cox Georgia Video – Nick Cox Beating Update

Nick Cox Georgia Video – A video of a teenager getting heartless assaulted in Gwinnett County, Georgia has turned into a web sensation. Scratch Cox is right now experiencing serious wounds and a GoFundMe has been made to raise money for doctor’s visit expenses.

All things considered, that is by and large what befallen 17-year-old secondary school understudy Max Cox, the most recent casualty of harassing and school savagery.

He was ruthlessly beaten during a ball game in Gwinnett County, Georgia, while different understudies recorded the circumstance and chuckling can be heard in the Snapchat video.

With the jaw wounds, Allyssa had no other choice that to take care of him fluid through a needle and he was unable to swallow in excess of a 1/4 teaspoon.

That wasn’t all – he was left with whiplash and a serious blackout, which prompted significant stretches of regurgitating.

Scratch purportedly didn’t incite the assailants and in spite of it occurring in July off of school grounds at the E Center in Sugar Hill, Georgia, his folks are requesting a discipline by the schools on their understudies – Fox 5 reports that the culprits are from Lanier High and Buford High School, Georgia.

The schools included guaranteed that they couldn’t give disciplines since the beating didn’t happen on school adjusts.

Accordingly, the Cox’s started a request on August 23, 2021, requesting the Education Department for an Ethical Code of Conduct, which ends understudies’ extracurricular exercises.

This particular term was incited by the news that the understudies behind the viral video continued to go to class and play Varsity, and their folks won’t ever apologize.

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