Iron Maiden Senjutsu Leak – Has it Leaked

Iron Maiden Senjutsu Leak – Iron Maiden abstained from paying attention to their impending collection, Senjutsu, for just about two years to keep away from its chance being released on the web.

Suspicion over the chance of their impending collection, Senjutsu, spilling onto the web in front of its September delivery date implied Iron Maiden didn’t allow themselves to pay attention to the collection for just about two years, as per frontman Bruce Dickinson.

Talking solely to Metal Hammer for our main story on the British metal legends and their impending seventeenth studio collection, recorded back in the spring of 2019 in Paris with confided in maker Kevin Shirley, the vocalist uncovers that Senjutsu was “locked up in a vault’ for the best part of two years, such was the fear that it might leak online.

“At the ending of the recording, everybody else had fucked off home, so it was basically me, Steve [Harris] and Kevin in the studio,” Bruce recalls. “We played it back a couple of times, said, ‘Yeah, that’s alright then!’ and then that was the last time I heard it or nearly two years. All of us! Nobody in the band had a copy! Steve, in

particular, was so paranoid that someone would leak it onto the internet, and probably with some justification, it was locked up in a vault.”

Dickinson proceeds, “The next time I heard the album was when we were mixing the Mexico live stuff. I went round to Steve’s, and I said, ‘You haven’t got a copy of the album, have you?’ and he said, ‘I think it’s on my laptop!’ And he had only played it a couple of times. He hadn’t heard it for ages either, so we said, ‘Fuck it, put it on the big speakers!’ That was when I was thinking, ‘Shit a brick, this is good!'”

Senjutsu will be delivered on September 3 by means of Parlophone Records. Two tunes from the 10-track collection have effectively been delivered, The Writing On The Wall, and Stratego.

Senjutsu hasn’t been so long in the making, just long in the waiting!”Dickinson tells Hammer’s Dom Lawson. ““I’m really chuffed with this one.”

For more elite experiences into the creation of Senjutsu from Dickinson and Maiden guitarist Janick Gers, get the new issue of Metal Hammer, which is marked down at this point. The issue likewise includes new meetings with Alien Weaponry, Employed To Serve, Carcass, Health, Dordeduh, Between The Buried And Me and a whole lot more.

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