Dale Brisby Netflix – Dale Brisby Without Sunglasses

Dale Brisby Netflix – Dale Brisby is getting advertised as 2021’s adaptation of Joe Exotic — and keeping in mind that he has another show on Netflix, Dale says there’s one colossal contrast … he’s not in jail!!!

The star of “How To Be a Cowboy” went along with us Tuesday on “TMZ Live” to disclose to us how a long-term farm administrator and expert bull rider turns into the subject of a wild new TV docuseries.

As a lot of city slickers, we gotta say it was enlightening! Dale says he has a new gathering of understudies — about six of them — hungry to figure out how to be a genuine rancher, or how to ride a bull.

He says they’re list of must-dos things for a few, and a lifelong starter for other people.

The Netflix show drops Wednesday and the surveys are as of now contrasting it with last year’s Netflix wonder, ‘Tiger King.’

Dale appears to be really OK with the examinations, yet he makes it clear he doesn’t accompany Exotic stuff. His person, however, appears to be comparably strong.

BTW, in case you’re burrowing Dale’s look … you gotta see him clarify why his shades never fall off, in any event, when he’s riding bulls.

You can get the full meeting on Tuesday’s “TMZ Live” (check nearby postings). Giddyup!!!

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