Chloe Mrozak Facebook and Instagram Viral – Update

Chloe Mrozak Facebook and Instagram Viral An Illinois lady was captured on doubt of adulterated inoculation reports in Hawaii.

She likewise appeared to have given bogus data about her isolate area and period to the specialists at the air terminal.

Before, we’ve detailed episodes that have become exposed of individuals being seized for selling false COVID-19 inoculation cards.

A naturopath named Juli Mazi from San Francisco was accused of wire extortion for giving pills asserting they’d assist with relieving the infection and furthermore gave cards to her patients posting Moderna as the immunization.

Who is Chloe Mrozak?

Chloe Mrozak is a 23-year-old from Oak Lawn, Illinois. She completed her schooling at Reavis High School and Oak Lawn Community High School. Her advanced degree subtleties are not recorded on her profile. Her Instagram account is set to private. Mrozak was captured at Honolulu air terminal where she gave bogus immunization reports. She likewise purportedly distorted data about her isolate area.

Hawaii utilizes a program called Safe Travels to check approaching explorers’ inoculation records as well as regrettable COVID-19 tests. On August 23, Mrozak transferred and introduced the card to a screener at the air terminal which was hailed as a potential fake inoculation card. Mrozak’s lodging reservation excessively neglected to affirm before she left the handling community. As indicated by court records, the lodging she recorded as her isolate area ended up being bogus as well, and Mrozak didn’t give her inn reservation number and return flight data. This made it hard to find her at first.

The examining specialist reached Delaware authorities to check her immunization records however no record was found under her name and date of birth. The specialist then, at that point met with Quarantine Compliance Check (QCC) group to examine her case. She was captured at the air terminal after an official recognized her at the air terminal on the last few days of August and distinguished her by her hip tattoo that he found from her Facebook profile. She was hung on $2,000 bail which she neglected to pay. Mrozak was then moved to Queen’s for COVID screening and later moved to the Honolulu Police Department.

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